Desperately Seeking Satan

by Betty Petty

supported by
Christopher Cimmino
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Christopher Cimmino Brings me back to the late'70's/early '80s. Great punk/power pop feel. The tunes really rock and put a gargantuan smile on my face. As for a favorite track-can't really pick one as they are all great....
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released January 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Betty Petty Los Angeles, California

created by Caitlin Dee (singer, songwriter, guitar) in the summer of 2015.

currently supported by Austin Ash (drums), JJ van Lieshout (lead guitar), and Toast Artisan Bourgeoisie (bass).

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Track Name: Lions
lyin right beside us
when our hearts aren't strong
to guide us
through our lives

when will you be returning?
all day long i've been yearning
but when i see you
i'm shy

ooh - ooh

been out for too long tonight
don't remember daylight
twisting, turning, i'm full of fright
won't go down
without a fight
Track Name: Sweet
oh, sweet
you're sweet
you keep
me on my feet

i been sad
oh so sad
but with you boy it's not tso bad

oh, oh
let's get wild
oh oh oh oh
i'm not your honeychild

ooh i'm not your honeychild anymore
oh i'm not your honey child anymore
ohh i knew it when my head hit the floor
oh oh oh i'm not your honey child anymore

oh, freak
they say i'm a freak
but it creeps me out
how nothing keeps
i've been bad
oh so bad
and tomorrow i'll be so mad

repeat chorus
Track Name: Black n Blue
i never thought i'd live to see the look in your eye
i'm black n blue but feeling you
i've got cherries on my mind

i had a wild night i need you to hold me tight
the peace is in the shade, so cover up your eyes

it's almost 2 let's run and buy some booze before they close
we'll have some fun or something hun
really no one knows

we'll have a wild night and then you can hold me tight
fuck the sun is up just cover up your eyes

i'm feeling sick it's not a trick to keep you by my side
a lover once will love again
you don't know until you've tried

we had a wild night so baby won't you hold me tight
we can waste another day just never open up your eyes
Track Name: Wheels
wheels keep on turning
your eyes
they're like a wolf
you keep pursuing me
through these woods

there will come a day when
your pain feels sweet
you have forgotten
pain too deep

forget me now
forget me now
forget me now
forget me now
Track Name: Smoke
no matter what i said
you were not the one that i was fighting for
only when i locked you out
you came knocking at my door
oh, i never thought that i would be complacent
but i don't really care if dirty water's fillin up my basement

i was not the first girl nor would i be the last that you would lie to
but you got me off your nuts, what a stupid thing to do
now another love flies on wings from the past
but it's not important, because it's never meant to last

oh i cannot believe the things that i put up with from you
was written in the stars
but i had no fucking clue
oh how now oh yea uh huh that's right don't you remember
i just hate that i wasn't ever fucking with you

Track Name: Rockets
you were there tonight
well i should know
you were lookin bright
basking in your glow, oh

love rockets
into your backyard

we we're at the party
now we're at your pad
we start acting naughty
but i'm still feeling sad

oh, love rockets
into your backyard

i think you're cool
i think you're cool
i think you're cool
i think you're really really really really really really cool

so call me tomorrow
or better yet tonight
actually don't call me at all
i really don't wanna fight w you

love rockets
into your backyard

oh, love rockets
into your backyard